The Staff Council is an organization of University of Pittsburgh staff members. They volunteer their time and energy to represent and support Pitt staff. UPSC members are asked to attend two monthly meetings (a general meeting and a committee meeting).  They also work to plan events, promote/attend to staff concerns, attend subcommittee meetings, and help Staff Council run smoothly.  

Staff Council members also participate in volunteer activities in the community, i.e. contributing time and resources to the United Way Day of Caring, Food Drives, Pitt Community Relations community activities, and Pitt Governmental Relations activities.  

Staff Counicl members are active participants in the annual Pitt Day in Harrisburg.  Officers are invited to attend special meetings with high-level Commonwealth officials to represent staff concerns regarding funding issues.  

Honorable Paul Clymer, State Rep. and Chair of the House Education Committee, wearing his SAC pin at the Pitt Day in Harrisburg reception.  SAC members met with Rep. Clymer, discussed how budget short-falls effect Pitt staff, and shared our pin with him.