Peter Adams  Critical Care Medicine
Marissa Arlet Institute of Animal Care and Use Committee
Tammeka Banks Office of Research
Susan Benton D.L.A.R
Jenn Bissell Social and Urban Research
Barbara Bowers Anthesiology
Jeffrey Bowser Auxiliaries Administration
Yvonne Brewster Surgery
Peggy Clements-Dawson Magee Womans Research Institute
Laurie Cochenour CIDDE
Tomika Cohen Radiology
Angela Coldren Resident Conduct and Compliance Office
Patricia Connell IA - Corp and Foundation Relations
Monica Costlow Health Policy and Management
James Doty Engineering - Information Technology
Debbie Downey Health Science Library Science
Ric Fera Computing Services
Kelly Gilliam Office of Human Resources
Kathleen Hansell-Prigg Systems Neuroscience Institute
George Harvey Industrial Engineering
Tami Haslett Print Services
Tina Hay Panther Central
Robyne Ivory Technical Services
Christine Jackson Program of Occupational Therapy
Corey James Sci- Office of the Dean
Amy Kapp Civil & Enviromental Engineering
Michele Kiraly CSSD
Amy kleebank Office of Communications Services
Robert Kornosky Sports Medicine and Nutrition
Suzanne Kroll Student Affairs
Michael Laughlin LRDC
Monika Losagio Staff Support- Languages
Adriana Maguina-Ugarte Anthropology
Nicholas Mance Bioengineering
Rae Mancilla CIDDE
Beth Ann Marchal Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Caitlin Mathis Electrical and Computer Engineering
Meg Mayer-Costa Student Health Service
Jonah McAllister-Erickson Research and Educational Support
Caitlin Mcgullough Student Affairs
Rocoo Mercurio Jr. Epidemiology
EJ Milarski Alumni Relations
Barbara Mowery Advising Center
Shari Murphy Developmental Biology
Emily O'Donnell Neurological Surgery
April O'Neil Payment Processing
Angel Pappalardo Medicine
Brian Pasquini CSSD
Beth Ann Pischke Center Bioethics and Health Law
Lorraine Pollini Dept. of Medicine, Divison of Infectious Disease
Pamela Rikstad Engineering Operations
Lindsay Rodzwicz Bioengineering Department
Meridia Sanders Arts and Sciences
Marcia Schwab Comutational Systems and Biology
Fiona Seels Education Technology
Karen Sellitto Office of the Dean- Nursing
Brian Smith McGowan Institute Regenerative Medicine
Nancy Spice  Office of the Dean- Pharmacy
Laura Staniland UPCI
Andrew Stephany Cardiovascular Institute
Clayton Steup  Office of the Dean, Medicine
Karen Steffey SCI- Computer Science
Dan Stump School of Nursing - Heath and Community Systems
Scott Szypulski Critical Care Medicine
Tiwanda Taylor College of General Studies
Alex Toner  Archives Service Center
Diane Turner Oral Biology
Megan Victorson Residence Life
Michael Wahl  Dental Medicine Clinical Affairs
Debora Whitfield Dental Medicine Clinical Affairs
Kevin WU Biological Sciences
Samantha Young Rehabilitation Science&Technology
Kristen Zeigler Clinical Affairs